Well, let's have a little opinion sharing.

Since I have the place looking decent again, I suppose it's time to start thinking about working on fic.
Which one should I start with, do you think?
As I'm sure you're all aware by now, I write for several different fandoms under many, many names.
If any of you are interested in taking a moment to look them over, comment and I will make a post listing all my various accounts here and there :)
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Well, I'm not dead.

But I have been away for far, far too long.
And I have nohing to show for it.
So I've been thinking of picking up writing again.
I don't know if I can promise to produce miracles, or even produce regularly, but I'm pretty willing to try.
A lot of major things have happened in the recent past, any one of which would be reason to simply drop off the face of the planet.
In combination, it was a sure shot.
But anyway, I'm back. 
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Burlesque Fairytales

This is the full movie, albeit captured via webcam. I would rate it no worse than a decent movie theater cam, but seeing as how no one else is sharing it at all, and there is no concrete date for official downloads of it, some people may want to give it a try until I can either buy it or manage a better copy. That being said, enjoy. The upload should be complete in 2-3 hours at most. Get it here.
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Because Moony makes for good inspiration.

Ten things you prolly will never hear from the window of Baker Street

"Oi jawn, we're a lil low on cash so how bout you pop out to the petrol station, bootybump a bit and lemme ride u like a checker cab."

"Mrs. Hudson, are these knickers yours or Sherlock's? You said cerise drains you but I didn't want to assume...''

"We think the poison was mixed in with random jars of butter. Because John assures me that *that* has never happened to him before and no matter how good the sex is one usually does not need resucitation. And it ate holes in the mattress."

"It's entirely scientific John. If a man your age can manage it then surely the suspect could. You just have to take a deep breath, bend your knees and think very hard about England. Or Taiwan. They probably teach it there."

"Sherlock, do you really expect me to believe that Anderson simply woke up with a tattoo of a penis on his neck? This isn't California. There's loads of papers you have to sign first. And there's the inscription. 'Here be muh nutsack'. In your handwriting."

"Hey I just met you... And this is CRAZY... But here's my number-" "I'd rather text."

"BOYS. If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times. You are simply going to HAVE to pay a deposit before making and large additions to the flat. And before you say anything a GleeSwing IS a large addition as it strains the support beams and makes a horrid squeaky noise. I don't care WHOM is in it, so don't you give me that look Sherlock Holmes."

"Bill, Bill, Request, Circular, Bill- Oh. OH. John. JOHN! It's here! The new magazine! Oh, it's CHRISTMAS."

"No means no, John. Unless it means 'do that a few more times because I may have prematurely judged the merit of hanging by my feet from the ceiling while you pour strawberry jam on me.' But usually it just means no."

"Dammit Sherlock, you CANNOT tell me that you honestly intended that videomail to HELP. 2G1C IS NOT AN FDA APPROVED APPETITE SUPPRESSANT AND MYCROFT HAS BEEN IN THAT LOO FOR 6 HOURS. You pick up that phone and apologize this instant. With actual sounds. And do NOT snort."

Yes, I know. But it amused me and is better than nothing.
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An actual fic. Surprising.

Yes, it's been a while since I actually done anything. So don't expect much.

Title: Mortal Mechanation.
Author: LimpBiskit
Series: Sherlock BBC
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: R
Warnings: Cursing, Injury and a touch of slashiness.

Just a little oneshot for my good buddy Moony. Because she has been very patient and I have produced exactly nothing to show for it. Her prompt: "Give me your hand, I want you to feel this."

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There it is. Hope it didn't kill anyone.